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Our Man in Malaya

The career of John Davis was inextricably and paradoxically intertwined with that of Chin Peng, the leader of the Malayan Communist Party and the man who was to become Britain’s chief enemy in the long Communist struggle for the soul of Malaya. When the Japanese invaded Malaya during WWII, John Davis escaped to Ceylon, sailing 1,700 miles in a Malay fishing boat, … Read More

Nazi Goreng

Nazi Goreng is a disturbing story of one young Malay man’s coming-of-age in the big city and offers a stunning portrait of the racial tensions that pervade Malaysian society. Asrul is a fanatical yet naïve Muslim skinhead from small town Kedah, who finds escape in hardcore punk and aspires to life in the big city. … Read More

Anwar Ibrahim

Long before the recent Arab Spring, when the topic of democracy with in many Muslim countries took center stage internationally, Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim, an energetic and charismatic politician, had been one of the most vocal global proponents of the compatibility of Islam and democratic principles. … Read More

Singapore Black

Singapore/Malaya, 1892: When a dead American is found floating in Rochor Canal, Chief Detective Inspector David Hawksworth begins an investigation that quickly leads into a labyrinth of deceit and violence in the polyglot steam-cooker of turn-of-the-century Singapore. … Read More

Crime Scene Asia

Murder in the first degree … solicitation of murder … malicious bodily dismemberment … theft of a national treasure …illegal disposal of a body … illicit use of a putting iron …drug smuggling …

Volume 1 of Crime Scene Asia features nine delectably horrid crimes that take readers on a chilling trip through the dark underbelly of contemporary Asia … Read More

Monkey Magic: The Ghostly Thieves of New York

Romy Alexander thinks she is on a break from Monkey Magic as she leaves the forests of Asia for the urban jungle of New York City. However, following a series of bizarre and unexplained burglaries in Manhattan’s museums and galleries, she soon discovers there is no escaping her strange and mystical power. … Read More

Special Picks
Amber Road

An epic tale of love and loss in WWII Malaya and Singapore.

It’s 1941 and seventeen-year-old Victoria Khoo, daughter of a wealthy family of Straits Chinese, lives in luxury in colonial Singapore. Her carefree days are spent fantasising about marrying Sebastian Boustead, scion of a great British merchant family, … Read More

My Singapore Lover

Young, western and single, Sara arrives in Singapore on a magazine assignment to detail the long-held attraction between western men and Asian women. She soon becomes swept up in the exotic city, mesmerized by its glitter and glamour and seduced by promises of a career, wealth and success. However, a chance encounter followed by a charged love affair with a charismatic Chinese Singaporean hotelier … Read More

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